Anna Karenina

Hello Everyone!

Today I will me telling all about one of my favorite books ever! Anna Karenina. This book I came across after I watched the 1948 movie version with Vivien Leigh (My favorite actress ever) as Anna Karenina. I read the book and I loved the story because it was different and daring, at least it was for its time. The book tells the story of a young woman named Anna who is married to a very important man in Russia but she ends up meeting and falling in love with another man. They eventually get together, even though she’s married and after some time she just doesn’t care who knows about their relationship. Obviously a lot of things happen, she had a few ups and down in her life and relationships and I’m not going to tell you more about it just in case you guys haven’t read the book or watched the movie (any version will do) because I don’t want to spoil the story for you guys… but I really do recommend you guys do one of these two: read the book or watch the movie, because it’s truly an amazing story. I get so excited to just talk about this book, that’s how much I love it! But seriously, I know I already said it, but go read the book or watch the movie; you guys won’t regreat it.

Now, let me know what books do you like. Thanks for reading! Dont forget to follow me on social media.



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