Origin (Lux #4) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hello Everyone!


Origin is the fourth in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and I can tell you that after the cliffhanger in which Opal ended I was literally counting the days until this book came out and once it did (on Aug. 27, 2013) I was a really really happy person . 

Something that I LOVED! from this book is that it was on Daemon and Katy‘s P.O.V. and thanks to that we got to see more of Daemon and his lovely personality… and as if we didn’t expect it, this book also ends with a cliffhanger which had me counting (again…) for the day when the fifth and final book from the Lux series, Opposition, came out on Aug. 5, 2014… but Opposition will get a review of its own very soon. I promise. 

Now in Origin we get to meet new exciting characters such as Archer whom I come to love, almost as much as I love Daemon… though I doubt there is anyone like Daemon (At least not in this series) or anyone who can surpass my love for him. [Sighs] Daemon is just so wonderful but anyways this book is just so exciting and things will continue to get even better (Trust me, I know) and by the end of the book you WILL NOT be able to wait until you read the next book… basically what I’m saying is that this book also ends in a cliffhanger, something I’m beginning to think is something Jennifer L. Armentrout loves to do and I don’t blame her, these cliffhangers are just so great even when they leave me in such an awful state of mind.


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