Top Three Non-Superhero Marvel Characters

Hello Everyone!

I am back and for this post I will be counting my Top Three Marvel Non-Superhero Male Characters and for this list they simply don’t have to be a superhero, that’s all it takes to be in the list. Shall we begin? Lol.


tumblr_m74lsrLWKR1ry3tn5o2_250One of my favorite characters from Marvel in general is Howard Stark, and my love for him increased after watching him in Captain America: The First Avenger where he was portrayed by Dominic Cooper, who made me love the character even more. Something else that I love about this character are all the similarities between Howard and his son. Also, let’s talk about his role in Agent Carter, every time Howard Stark appears on-screen I fall more in love with him because of how he is. He is just so adorable…. But besides that, he is Peggy friend and he sees her as an equal unlike other men in the 1940s and let’s not forget how smart he is and how he help to found S.H.I.E.L.D.


2117584_origThe first time I saw Bucky on-screen on Captain America: The First Avenger I fell in love with his character because of how much he looked after Steve, he was like a big brother to him and I was truly sad when he fell of the train. I’ll admit, I was in detail hoping he would have some how survived the fall and what did I know, he did… And so Bucky came back as The Winter Soldier, and even when he was “Hydra” I still loved him! It was truly great to see him in  Captain America: Civil War, in all three movies he has been, Bucky is always different. He is not as we last saw him and that just makes him incredibly interesting to me.


CEMyi_mUMAAZWxYLet’s be honest here, Loki is probably the best villain in the whole MCU and he’s also such a great character. He’s back story really makes you care for him and maybe even root for him I even teared up a little bit when I though he had died but then he didn’t and I will admit, I was kind of glad that by the end of Thor: Dark World he was posing as Odin.

Where was Odin? I don’t know but I will patiently wait for the next film for two reasons…. One, maybe by then we’ll know where Odin actually is and two, Hulk!

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