Onyx (Lux #2) By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hello Everyone!

The second book in the series will surely leave you wanting more like Obsidian did. Onyx came with more twists and secrets that are more than unexpected. New characters come into play, some are good others not so much… and as Daemon tries to prove that what he feels for Katy is real [Smiles] she tries to ignore him and have a ‘normal’ life or as normal as it can be after the events of the last book… which I am not going to mention for obvious reasons. 

Something that I absolutely loved from Onyx was Daemon. I loved him in Obsidian but I almost felt the need to slap him a couple of times but in Onyx you can see how he is slowly changing in to a better person [Wink] and it’s all because of Katy, who is still not so sure if Daemon’s feelings are real because of how their friendship (Which wasn’t really a friendship) was.  

Something about this book had me hoping that it would never end, but eventually every book comes to an end no matter how sad that might make us and Onyx is no exception… but the ending for this book is rather bitter-sweet simply because something truly bad happens so something good can happen. 

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