Beauty & The Beast Trailer 

Hello Everyone!

emma-watson-as-belle-beauty-and-the-beast-2017-39928869-500-500Today we got the first trailer for Beauty & The Beast, which is coming next year and stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. I’ll say, the moment this movie was announced I was really excited because I love the animated film so much! And the fact that the cast is so incredible is amazing! But anyways, let’s talk about the trailer we got this morning… 

The trailer starts with the castle and a shot of of the Beast but we don’t get a good look of him until much later. Then Belle’s father takes one of the roses from the Beast’s garden and then Belle comes looking for him and trades places with her father and so much more which I’m not going to tell you guys because you should watch the trailer yourself… it was like looking back at my childhood and that was amazing! And even though I already know the story and what happens I just couldn’t be more excited about this film. I really to believe they got an incredible for this film, not only Belle and The Beast but everyone else! 

Anyways, have you guys watched he trailer? If so let me know what your thoughts on it are? 

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