Logan Trailer


Hello everyone!

220px-logan_2017_posterI know I am  little late on this on this one… I have been very busy but better late than never, right? Anyways, last week we got a trailer for the third and final Wolverine film “Logan” coming out next year. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting a trailer for this film since I’m not really a fan of Wolverine; I knew that was going to be another movie but I really didn’t pay much attention to any news… but I can honestly tell you that I am really interested in this movie. It really seems like it will be different from the other Wolverine movies. The song played on the trailer (Hurt by Johnny Cash) was an amazing choice! That was really what sold me the film. That, X-23 and that shot of Logan killing a man by putting his claws through his skull… that was one great scene that I really can’t wait to see on the big scree, along with the entire movie, of course. 

wallpaper-large-1386831Something that I’m really excited about is X-23 appearing in the movie because I am almost 100% sure that the little girl we saw on the trailer is Laura Kinney also known as X-23, a female clone of Logan. I’m really looking forward to seeing her in the film, because let’s be honest, who else could that little girl be if she is not Laura Kinney?  

Anyways, what are your thoughts on the trailer? Let me know what your thoughts are and are you hoping to see in the movie? 

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