Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II Sneak Peak


Hello Everyone!

guardians-galaxy-2-star-lord-trailerI hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday, but let’s get straight to it. Today we got a sneak peak to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II and I truly couldn’t be more excited. I honestly had no idea that we were getting a sneak and I saw in on YouTube by chance… but it was truly great! We got to see all of the guardians, including Baby Groot; which was incredible! He is one of my favorite characters in the MCU, but all that aside, I’m really glad that Vol. II is coming next year (along with Spider-man: Homecoming & Black Panther). Marvel is really doing great things with this characters and I truly can’t wait for all of them… Doctor Strange is the next of the list and that movie looks incredible! And from what I know of Doctor Strange and from what the trailers have shown us, it looks amazing!  Anyways, back to GOTG Vol. II, have you guys watched the sneak peak? If so let me know what your thoughts on it were and if you haven’t, then I really suggest you do.

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