My thoughts on Terminator Genesys… 

Hello everyone! 

I am back with a movie review or rather just my thoughts on Terminator Genesys… When this movie was first announced I was excited because I am a hide fan of Emilia Clarke. I love her in Game of Thrones so I was obviously excited! There was also the fact that Matt Smith was in this movie and he just happens to be my favorite doctor from Doctor Who so I was even more excited! Now what did I think of this movie? Let’s see…

I Recently rewatched this movie so there are a lot of things to be said about this movie. Let’s start with the cast. I personally really liked Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor I think she did a great job with the character and I liked how different it was from the original because of the new timeline. Everyone else was good with their roles though I’ll admit the fact that Skynet was sort of like a person was a little strange for me… I’m not a huge terminator fan and maybe I’m missing some information but I simply found that strange.

The plot of the movie was interesting to me, I am not a movie critic so I don’t know how it is that critics evaluate movies but I can honestly say that it wasn’t a bad movie, it wasn’t the best movie ever but it wasn’t bad either… I’ll admit that somethings didn’t make much sense to me and maybe it’s because I haven’t watched all Terminator movies out there but those little things didn’t make me like the movie any less, in reality I didn’t mind them. For those who do know more about Terminator do let me know what you thought about the plot of this movie. Was it good, bad or just meh…? I found it enjoyable like I already said but I would love to know what you guys thought about this movie.

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