Original Fan4stic Reboot Story 

Hello Everyone! 

tumblr_nn2pugfyxx1twgs7qo1_540I got another Fan4stic post for you, this one is a lot shorter and is all about some of the original ideas for the Fantastic Four Reboot and being honest what they had planned for the movie was a lot better than the mess we actually got last year… 

So let’s get right in to it, recently I been reading about what the original script for the Fantastic Four (2015) and how different it was. There are also so many videos about this original script so I really recommend you guys check it out if you’re interested in the subject but in a short version, the script was great but they couldn’t do it because it was too expensive… And my thoughts on this matter is, Really? If they had gone with that script they would have made their money back and more because they had a great movie… With a great movie people will gladly spend their movie on it. Trust me. 

Anyways, what do you guys think of this? Have you read about this original script? Let me know how what yours thoughts are on this subject. 

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