Top Five Marvel Animated Series…   

Hello Everyone! 

tumblr_m367o9dHhH1qf9buqo1_500I’m back with another Marvel Top Five for you guys this time for some of Marvel’s animated series. In this post I will be sharing my favorite Marvel animated tv series just like in My Top Five Favorite MCU Movies… With that said, let’s get one with it. 

1. Fantastic Four. My favorite Marvel animated show if all time is the Fantastic Four show from the 90s. It was the first superhero show I watched as a child and ever since I’ve always loved it! And it also has been my favorite ever for many reasons, the main reason is because of Sue Storm, she was the first female superhero I ever saw! There’s also the fact that The Inhumans appeared on the show and I love them! 

2. X-Men: The Animated Series. On number two we got the X-Men, and I personally think this show is way better than the X-Men movies. The show is close to the source material and the characters are amazingly portrayed! To this day I still watch the show when I have the time.  Something I love from this show are both Jean and Scott. This show gave us the best portrayals of most X-Men and I truly recommend you guys check it out sometime. 

3. Avengers Assemble. This show is a lot more recent and still on the air with new episodes. This show barely on its third season and hopefully there will be many more seasons to come. This season it’s called Ultron Revolution and during his season we got to see The Inhumans which was awesome! At least I personally think it was since I love those characters. 

4. X-Men: Evolution. I know,  X-Men show on the list but I really liked it and I’m also a huge fan of the X-Men so I’ve watched every single show and movies but that doesn’t mean I liked them all. X-Men: The Animated Series and X-Men: Evolution definitely make the list on animated show and I recommend them both.  

5. Fantastic Four. Another FF show on the list but this one is a little more recent that the first one. It’s only one season long with 26 episode but it’s truly great! If you guys ever get the chance I recommend you guys check it out. The episodes are great and the characters are great too! My favorite character being Johnny. He’s just so great!  

So that’s my top five. What do you guys think? Is there one you think should be in there? Let me know down in the comments below. 

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