Pretty Little Liars 7×09

Hello Everyone! 

pretty-little-liars-hanna-superpowersI’m back with another Pretty a little Liars review… I must say that last nights episode was quite something. A lot of unexpected things happened and I truly can’t wait for next week’s episode, especially since it will be the summer finale and I hope we finally get to know who A.D. is… I personally think it’s Noel Kahn but who knows, I might be wrong, I have been in the past  with this show but I truly hope I’m not this time. It would make me incredibly happy to be right about something in this show… Let’s talk about the episode now and beware, I will be talking about everything I thought was important so Spoiler Alert! 

With that said, let’s get on with it. One of the major things that happens this episode was around Hanna, she out to get Noel and I’m certain she’s on the right track, especially after what Spencer and Emily found at his place. Also, even though we’re plan didn’t go as it should have… She still got him and now we have to wait until next week to get some answers and I truly can’t wait. We also got to see what had happened between Aria and Jason (Alison’s brother) which I must say I was a little surprised by. Also, Nicole is still gone (pressumably dead) and I want to believe that Aria and Ezra’s is back to actually happening… 

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