My Top Five Favorite MCU Movies… 

Hello Everyone! 

originalToday I want to share with you my top five Marvel movies. As you already know I’m a huge Marvel fan so I thought I’d let you know which movies are my absolute favorites in the MCU. I will soon do one for the X-Men movies as well as others Marvel movies outside the MCU, with that said lets get on with the show…

1. Captain America: Civil War. It should come to no surprise that this is my favorite MCU. So far I personally believe that this is the best MCU movie out of all of them. The storyline was great! The characters were amazing! The directors did an incredible job! The movie was amazing in every sense and let’s not forget how awesome it was to see SpiderMan in the MCU… If you guys want to know more about my thought on this movie check out My thoughts on Captain America: Civil War… 

2.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Another Captain America movie on the list but it’s truly such a great movie for many different reasons… One of them being that Hydra had been growing inside S.H.I.E.L.D. and other organizations for years was shocking, that was the last thing I was expecting but I was glad to see Bucky alive even as The Winter Soldier. The reason this movie is number two in my list because of how this movie affected everything else after Hydra was exposed. 

3. The Avengers. I personally don’t think a list like this would be complete without this movie… After all, it was the first time we saw The Avengers work together to save New York City. The performances were great and I the director did a great job with all of the characters. Just like in Civil War everyone had something to do. Everyone was important, even the Galaga guy. Lol   

4. Guardians of the Galaxy. When this movie premiered I didn’t know much about it so I didn’t know what to expect from it at all but in the end this movie was great! Marvel gave us an incredible movie with characters that were alsmot unknown and made them fan favorites. It also showed us that the MCU goes beyond Earth and Asgard (and the other realms), there is so much more out there and I truly can’t wait to see Volumne II. Also, the music in this movie was amazing! I loved it, especially in the opening sequence. 

5. Iron Man. With out this movie I don’t think we would have all the MCU movies that we have today. For me the movie was unexpected but very much welcomed once I saw it. The end credit scene with Nick Fury got me excited (more than I care to admit) and let’s not forget how amazing Robert Downey Jr. is in this role. He really made this role his own and I truly can see anyone else in this role. Honestly. 

So that’s my top five MCU movies. What do you guys think? Is there one you think should be in there? Let me know down in the comments below. 

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