My thoughts on The Legend of Tarzan 

Hello Everyone! 

TarzanI’m back with my thoughts on The Legend of Tarzan, a movie that premiered last month and that I’ve already watched two times, the second was last week so I decided to share my thoughts on it with all of you. When I first heard about this movie I was really excited because I love Tarzan and Jane… And I have Disney to blame for that. Lol! Now, I must warn you I’ll be discussing spoilers so Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t watched the movie don’t read this unless you don’t care for spoilers… 

Anyways, when I watched the first trailer I liked what I saw. The movie looked exciting and different from the classic story so my excitement just grew! Now, was the movie good or bad? I personally thought it was entertaining and upon a second viewing there are a few deeper elements you can find if you knew where to look. 

JTLoveThe casting in this movie I thought was great! Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie have great chemistry together and in the moments they are apart one can see that. I must say that though I would prefer a movie of how Tarzan and Jane first met, seeing what happened after that was nice… At least for me. I always wondered what would have happen and it was nice seeing that in this movie but like I said, a movie about how they first met would have been great! The flashback sequences were amazing! At least, in my opinion and seeing more of that would have been interesting. 

The CGI was nice, then again I’m no expert on the topic but there are times when you can tell when CGI is being use and even thought I knew that there were no actually gorillas, lions, ect… None of them felt unreal to me and that’s a good thing! 

Moving on to the plot of the movie. The plot wasn’t a complicated one, Belguim, who had control of the Congo during that time, wanted the diamonds found in a certain region so they could pay an army of mercenaries to take complete control of the area and to achive that they need to get Tarzan back to Africa, who had been living in England with his wife Jane, and then lots of things happen… I’m going to stop there just in case someone hasn’t watch it and now is thinking of doing so.  

hero_Legend-of-Tarzan-2016-2The characters were great! Both of the leads did a good hi with their roles and Samuel L. Jackson was amazing! His character had great motivations and amazing lines… There’s a particular one that I found incredibly funny but overall he was amazing! Chistoph Waltz was good. I mean, he’s always good no matter what he does but he’s especially good at playing bad guys… 

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