Rogue One Trailer Two 

Hello Everyone! 

Last night we got the second trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and my lord, it was amazing! It feels much different from other Star Wars movies and though Rogue One is a prequel, it already looks much, much better than the prequel trilogy… And I do hope the movie is great! I really want to see this story unfold and maybe we can get some answers and see how it ties in with the original trilogy, especially New Hope since this movie takes place just before New Hope starts. 

Something that I’m really excited about is not only the introduction of new characters, badass characters, but also the return of Darth Vader! Before he trailer was released  it was announced that Darth Vader would be returning but it’s different knowing to finally seeing him again. And I am truly excited to see him again, hopefully we’ll get to see him being awesome, which will probably be the case since almost twenty years have past since Revenge of the Sith and I’m sure, very sure, he’s badass Darth Vader now and not whatever he was in the prequels. I think it was incredible how excited I got in the last few seconds just by seeing Vader’s back and gratin how breathing. I all but screamed! Anyways, I’m really glad that we got this trailer, I found it to be great! But let me knows what your thoughts are. Are you excited for Rogue One? Leave your thoughts in the  comments down below. 

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