Peggy Carter (MCU)

Hello Everyone! 

hayley-atwell-captain-america11This post is about Margaret Carter better known as Peggy Carter. She is one of my favorite female character is the whole Marvel universe. The first time I saw Peggy Carter was in Captain America: The First Avenger and I just fell in love with this character! And Let’s not forget how amazing Hayley Atwell is in the role. I truly cannot imagine anyone else in this role. Also, I just want to ask you guys to check Marvel: The Fans Want More Agent Carter if you haven’t. It would mean a lot.

tumblr_ma49n6R4911qazgzao1_500lMoving on, from the moment Peggy was introduced in the movie I liked her. She was (and still is) a badass! And something that I really love about her is that she is just an ordinary human being. No super soldier. No especial gifts. No, she’s just human and an amazing one. She is a great spy, she can hold her own against a Red Room trainee in combat even when she wasn’t  raised to be a spy or a killer. She had a normal childhood, though she always wanted something more with her life than to just be a proper lady. She wanted to help others… and she did when she joined the SSR. 

b96d31485e7d4e8d82cb96c7696e3748Throughout all of her appearances in the MCU I’ve grown to love her even more and I was beyond happy when I heard Peggy Carter was getting her own tv show. It was awesome news! And when the first season rolled around I was there to watch it and I loved it! I loved how well everything was, from the writing to the sets. The show was simply incredible and like many fans I was very happy to hear that we would be getting a second season… Which was also great! I was really sad when news broke out that the show had been cancelled and that we wouldn’t be getting a third season. Since those news came out fans have been campaigning for more Agent Carter and if you guys want to know more about that check out my post Marvel: The Fans Want More Agent Carter to learn more about that. 

tumblr_m7vq1oUM3f1rsy50kI honestly hope that we will continue to see Peggy Carter in the MCU even after she died during Captain America: Civil War. We still haven’t how she, Howard and Coronel Philips came to create S.H.I.E.L.D. and that’s something that I really want to see in a movie, a one shot, during one season of Agent Carter of the shows does come back. Anyways, what do you guys think of Peggy Carter as a character? Let me know in the comments below. 

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