Marvel: The Fans Want More Agent Carter

Hello Everyone! 

b96d31485e7d4e8d82cb96c7696e3748This post is a little different from my previous ones… In this post I want to share something with you guys about my favorite Marvel TV show, which is Agent Carter. Not that long ago the show was cancelled and like many other fans I was shocked and sad to hear the news. Many fans, myself included, were hoping that Netflix would pick up the show and bring season three but last week we learned that Netflix was not picking up the show for several reasons but recently it came to my attention a petition that fans of the show created to try and save the show and it would be great if you guys could sign. The goal is 5000 signatures and so far there are over 3000 so we are almost there. Is you guys do not want to sign it would still mean a lot if you would share it so others can it, I will be leaving the link down below.

Marvel: The Fans Want More Agent Carter

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