Scott Summers 

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tumblr_m367o9dHhH1qf9buqo1_500This post is all about Scott Summers also known as Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, and just like with my post about Jean Grey; I’ll be talking about the character in general and not a specific version unlike with my Maximoff Twins posts. With that said, I’ll be telling you what I love about this character. I’ll be discussing all the times he has appeared in any sort of media (TV shows or movies) and what my favorite incarnation of this character is. 

Cyclops-gif-x-men-37207823-500-250The first time I ever saw Scott Summers was on the X-Men: The Animated Series and he instantly became my favorite male X-Men and I doubt that will ever change! To this day I still have a crush on him and even though I don’t like the was he was treated in original X-Men trilogy, I liked how James Marsden portrayed him. I think he did the best with what he was given but to me it seemed like the writers didn’t like this character… in the live action movies I got the impression that Wolverine was the leader of the group which he is not! Scott was the first leader of them (and the best in my opinion) and they just pushed him aside to give Wolverine the spot light. That I really didn’t like, among other things. There’s also the fact of how he was killed in X-Men: The Last Stand… that was ridiculous if you ask me. They could have done something great with that but they didn’t and that sucked! But now that there is a new revised timeline maybe we’ll finally get to see the Scott from the comics… one can only hope, right?  ScottSSAnyways, moving on from the movies and back to X-Men: TAS, I really loved Scott in the that show as well as X-Men: Evolution and Wolverine & the X-Men even though those last two weren’t as close to the comic as the first one was but like I said in my previous post, I still liked them better than the movies.

tumblr_m4zmee9xKk1qdu8auMoving on to what I like about this character. Watching the show as a little kid I remember just liking Scott Summers. Maybe because I found him adorable or because I just loved him and Jean… Now I know better, though those two reasons might have something to do with it. Anyways, Scott Summers could be consider the first X-Men and he was the leader of the original team consisting on him, Jean Grey, Bobby Drake (Iceman), Hank McCoy (Beast) and Warren Worthington (Angel) and even after first original team went their separate ways, Scott stayed and continue to lead the new team. Scott Summers can be seen as Xavier’s ideal for mutants and he represents the embodiment of the X-Men. Let’s not forget that his dad is a space pirate… how cool is that? And I could go on about how much I love this character but I’ll stop here. 

If you guys want to see a great version of Scott Summers and The X-Men in general I really really recommend you guys check out the animated shows from the 90s. The show it’s only five seasons long (76 episodes in total) and trust me, it’s a great adaptation of the X-Men. They touched on many great storylines, including The Phoenix Saga, The Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past and more… Anyways, what do you guys think of Scott Summers? Also, let me know what Marvel team is your favorite down in the comments below or send me a tweet. 

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