Jean Grey

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JGreyyThis post is all about Jean Grey, also known as Marvel Girl and Phoenix. As you guys can probably already tell, Jean Grey is one of my favorite Marvel characters, she is in the top ten favorites, and I’ll probably do a post about that some time soon. Anyways, this is a post about Jean in general not just a version of the character like I did in with my Peter, Pietro and Wanda post were I talked about each movie version separately. Here I’ll be discussing what I liked about this character. All her version in animated shows and movies, as well as my absolute favorite incarnation of the character.

tumblr_o298hyQbwY1sh87v9o1_400The first time I ever saw Jean Grey was on the X-Men: The Animated Series and I really liked her in the show. She is my favorite female X-Men and I doubt that will ever change though I must say… I never really cared about her in the movies, and part of me feels bad but let’s be honest there are many characters in the movie that really deserved better and I don’t think much is going to change for her character from what I saw in X-Men: Apocalypse… but one can only hope, right? Anyways, moving on from the movies and back to X-Men: TAS, I really liked her in the that show as well as X-Men: Evolution and Wolverine & the X-Men even though those last two weren’t as close to the comic as the first one was but I still liked them better than the movies. And just a little side note; go watch the Honest Trailer for X-Men: The Animated Series, it was great!

T0iLVwMoving on to what I like about this character. Watching the show I always really liked Jean and I never really knew why. I just did… and then I realized it was because of several reasons. One, even before The Phoenix Force and she became one, she was quite powerful but Charles had to place several mental blocks so her powers wouldn’t be out of control. Something that I really liked about her character was is that not only was she part of the original team, she was also the first female member of the X-Men and as a girl that appealed to me the same when it did when I first come across Sue Storm from The Fantastic Four.

tumblr_lksm7iWDa71qfaf4lo1_500Her involvement with The Phoenix Force or the entity known as Phoenix is something that I always found really interesting. The first time I ever heard of this was in the animated series and as a kid it was interesting, seeing Jean go from a good girl to a villain as The Dark Phoenix Saga unfolded… Now that I’m older I can appreciate this two storylines more (The Phoenix Saga and The Dark Phoenix Saga) than I did as a kid and can only hope that maybe one day they might get it right in the live img_4441action movies, though that might not be happening any time soon which being completely honest really sucks because these is an amazing storyline and they should do it justice. And yes, I know that when adapting a book, a comic, a play and such things can’t be done exactly as it is in the source but when doing a storyline such as this it would be better to try as stay as true to the source as possible and get the essence of it. Take the MCU for example, they couldn’t do a proper adaptation of the Civil War storyline because of many different reasons but the major details were there, the esence was there… things were obviously changed to fit the established world of the MCU and because of other things but they stayed as true to the source as possible and the movie was incredible! And I don’t say that just because I’m a fan of the MCU and Captain America. No. I’m saying this as someone who loves comics and movies and movies made about comics… so hopefully, one day they’ll get it right.

tumblr_mnq5hl0l5H1sth46mo1_500If you guys want to see a great version of Jean Grey, The Phoenix Saga and The Dark Phoenix Saga I really really recommend you guys check out the animated shows from the 90s. If you don’t feel like watching all the episodes, check out season three since that’s when it happened but if you guys want to see a great adaptation of the X-Men check out the complete five seasons (76 episodes in total). They touched on many great storylines, including Days of Future Past. Anyways, what do you guys think of Jean Grey as a character? Also, let me know what Marvel team is your favorite down in the comments below or send me a tweet. 

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