Wanda Maximoff (MCU) 

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tumblr_nb7519vEKH1rgx5bqo1_500I’m back and today’s post is all about Wanda Maximoff also known as Scarlet Witch, who we saw for the first time in an live-action film was back in 2014 in Captain America: The Winter Soldier for just a few seconds and then last year in Avengers: Age of Ultron and I honestly can say I really loved the way she was portrayed and that she and Pietro where actually twins because really, you can’t have Wanda without Pietro and Pietro without Wanda… At least that’s how I see it. Also, just like with my other posts I’ll be talking about spoilers even though this movies have been out for a while now  as well as things from the comics. 

maximoff twinsAnyways, in Age of Ultron we got to see her (and Pietro) start as bad people working along with Hydra and then Ultron against The Avenders since they blamed Tony Stark for the death of her parents when they were children and this reminded me so much of the Twins’ origin from the comics, just not he part about Tony and the team… In fact, most of what they did with this version of the character reminded me of that and I really really liked it. I also really like Elizabeth Olson as Wanda. I truly do. I think her performance was great and at this point I really can’t imagine anyone else playing this role. 

With that said, let us continue. In Age of Ultron the relationship between Wanda and Pietro was just as I remember it from the animated shows I’ve watched and the comics that I’ve read so naturally I thought I was well done. The twins where always looking after each other and that was something that they did pretty well and you could honestly tell that they care for each other even if the sometimes had their arguments… And truth be told, when Pietro died in the movie; Wanda’s reaction reminded me so much of something that happened during the House of M storyline, I don’t remember what issue it was exactly but Pietro nearly died at the hands of his own father and Wanda lost it (not that I blame her…) and so she whispered “No More Mutants…” and most mutants disappeared and a lot of things happen after that but I won’t get into that since this post is about the MCU version of Wanda but I will let you guys know what issue I’m talking about when I remember in case you want to check it out. Anyways back to Pietro’s death in AoU, I was truly surprised by that and Wanda’s reaction was completely understandable and I liked how she went after Ultron’s main body and killed him but minding but own life but luckily Vision came to her rescue.

tumblr_nzohd7JPmh1r2b86ro4_500I still have hope that he will be back… there are many ways that they can do that as I said in my Pietro Maximoff (MCU) post (check that out if you haven’t) and Wanda’s powers could be one way if they develop as they did in the comics though I really doubt they’ll do that… If they bring Pietro back, which I really hope they do, it might be in some way no one was expecting.

tumblr_o5h9itJ1lF1uxc8fto1_500Moving on to Civil War, a year had gone by since what happened in Sokovia and now she was an Avenger. And even though I understand why Tony had Vision keep her in the Avengers facility, I don’t think that was the best approach since it was like saying “You’re dangerous so you need to be locked up…” which they do after she and most of Cap’s team is captured after the airport battle and let’s be honest here… Wanda saved everyone on Cap’s team at least once. In Scott Lang’s words, she’s great! And how she took down Vision? I was really surprised and excited when I first saw that complete scene and it also hit me right in the feels because if you know something about Wanda in the comics is that she and Vision had a thing and even got married… so seeing her take down Vision, not only because it’s Vision but because I know of their history in the comics, was amazing! and now I truly can’t wait to see what else they do with her character as of right now I think we’ll have to wait until Avengers: Infinity War to see her again but who knows, maybe she’ll show up in another Marvel movie before that. 

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