Peter Maximoff (X-Men Movieverse)

xmenap7Hello Everyone!

PMaGifHere is my post that’s all about Peter Maximoff from the X-Men Movieverse and just so there is no confusion for future references of this version of the character I will call him Peter as they do in the movies and the one from the MCU will be Pietro since that was the name they used in Age of Ultron and if I’m talking about the comic version I will be sure to let you guys know in the tittle just as I have for my last two posts about this character. And just as a warning, I will be touching on some spoilers so Spoiler Alert! You have been warned. 

Now, onto me and my thoughts of this version of the character. Like I’ve said before, I love the X-Men and naturally I was excited when I found out Quicksilver was going to be in Days of Future Past… how could I not be when he is one my favorite characters from the X-Men along with Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Magneto, Wanda Maximoff and Mystique.

tumblr_n65cu6XjuV1s9c6nao2_250His introduction in Days of Future Past was great! It reminded me so much of the version of the character from X-Men: Evolution the animated show from the early 2000s and that was nice, at least for me since it reminded me of when I was little… but aside from that I really do like this version of the character though I must say I wanted to see more of Quicksilver in DoFP. He was there for just a few scenes and let us all be honest, he stole the show with that awesome scene when they were breaking Erik out. That cannot be denied. Coolest scene in the movie! And to this day I still don’t understand why they didn’t use him more in the movie but at least he was a main character in X-Men: Apocalypse.

tumblr_o6xklnv7OF1uz3x1io1_500In X-Men: Apocalypse we got more of Peter. Yay! And I loved how they finally addressed the fact that he is Erik’s son. I had been waiting for that since Days of Future Past so actually hearing it in the movie was amazing, though Peter never told Erik about that which I thought was a wasted opportunity but hopefully Erik will find out sometime soon, preferably on the next movie. I don’t really want to keep waiting for that because come on.. why would he not tell his father about his own existence? Anyways, I am genuinely interested in knowing where they are taking this character in the future of the X-Men Movieverse since he wasn’t in any of the movies from the original trilogy… And I also want to know if Wanda will ever make an appearance in this movies, that would be awesome yet I don’t think that they could do Wanda as good as Wanda from the MCU for a couple of reasons, but that is just my opinion. But I do know that she was mentioned (kind of) in the Rogue cut version of Days of Future Past in a deleted scene so watch that if you haven’t.

Anyways, I’m really excited to see where this version of the character is going. I honestly can’t wait for the next movie because I’m honestly very excited to continue to see Peter in these movies as well as other characters.

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