Epic History: X-Men Volume II

Hello Everyone!

tumblr_non23vWTl21toxgyco1_500I’m back with a review for Epic History: X-Men Volume II, The Phoenix Saga and oh my, did I get excited with this volume? Answer, yes. Yes I did. Very much. Anyways just like wig the previous review for volume I I’m not going to go in detail because I rally think you guys should check these documentaries out! Especially if you like the X-Men. 

So this volume is all about The Phoenix Saga not to be confused with The Dark Phoenix Saga… That’s something else so don’t think about that right now. Like I said in a previous post lately I’ve been watching all the X-Men animated shows that there are (which are only three, I believe) and the one that did this storyline was the one from the 90s and if you haven’t watch that show you should or at least just the episodes of where the Phoenix Saga begins so you guys can see how it really is and what the Phoenix Force actually is and how it works, that is if you have never read the comics; which I’ll admit, I haven’t. Not because I don’t want to buy because comics are hard to get where I live… And another reason why you T0iLVwshould watch this is because the way Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force have yet to portrayed properly in the X-Men movies. The first try was with the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand, which we can all agree was a mess… And they tried in X-Men: Apocalypse to set up Jean and the Phoenix Force but for that to happen they need to understand both characters because yes, Jean and the Phoenix Force are two different chapters that at on point became one… Anyways, if you guys are interested in The Phoenix Saga and would like to know how that really happened I really recommend you guys check out Epic History: X-Men Volume II, The Phoenix Saga.

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