Epic History: X-Men

Hello Everyone!

This post is especial because I’m going to be talking about something that I discovered this82623-I-regret-nothing-gif-Doctor-Wh-1gltweekend and that I really really loved. This weekend I went to watch X-Men: Apocalyse (again) with a friend who surprisingly hadn’t seen it. Shocker, I know. So I went and watched and I’ll be honest… I kinda enjoyed it. The first time I watch it was simply because I was really excited to see Oscar Isaac in it and I have my thoughts on that but that’s an entirely different topic. 

Anyways, when I got home I went on the internet because why not? And while on Youtumblr_mbddltFawX1rxc156o1_500Tube I discovered an interesting series of documentaries about the X-Men it’s called Epic History: X-Men and like I said, it’s a documentary and oh my, was it great? Answer, yes. It definitely was. The documentaries is hosted by ComicBookGirl19 and the first two volumes are available on her channel the third one is available on Vimeo on demand and if you like the X-Men and would like to know all that there is to know about them then I recommend you check the three volumes out. The first on focuses on the begining of the group, the second is all about The Phoenix Saga and the latest one is about The Dark Phoenix Saga. I will be posting a review on each on of them the first two reviews will most be up this week and the third one will up most likely next week so stay tuned for that.  

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