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tumblr_n9nocyUrjs1rrkahjo3_500I am back and just like I said in my Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver post, I’m here with a post that’s all about Pietro Maximoff from the MCU. The first (and so far only…) time that we have seen Pietro in the MCU was in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he appeared along his twin sister, Wanda.

I will be honest here, from the moment I saw the Maximoff twins at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier I almost cried. As someone who grew up with the X-Men animated series from the 90s and then X-Men: tumblr_nw4z0jVvY31uin6s3o1_500Evolution and Wolverine and the X-Men, I grew to love many X-Men characters, Pietro and Wanda included… so after seeing that small clip I was excited and truth be told, I was not disappointed with the end result. I really really liked the way the twins were portrayed, they were kept as close as it was possible to the source material. Now that I said that lets continue.

Like I said in my previous post, I loved this version of Pietro so much. I do think is the best out of the two live-action performances and it’s simply because of how the characters were written. Also, it’s been over a year but still SPOILER ahead.

In the final battle with Ultron, Pietro died saving Clint/Hawkeye and a little boy. I was obviously not expecting that as I am sure many others weren’t and tumblr_npn95xkEaT1th1illo5_500I was sad… I didn’t want him to die and I know that I am not alone on that. A part of me still thinks he’s going to come back as other characters in the MCU have but I do believe that if he returns the best way that could happen is during Infinity Wars. How you might ask? There are a few options. Four to be exact.

Number one: Thanos could promise Wanda to bring her brother back using one of the stones if she gets him the one from Vision and why would he ask her? Because we all know she can take down The Vision. He saw that in Civil War so she the girl for the job and what better way to get at her than using her dead twin? I can’t think of another…

Number two: In the comics Wanda is able to create different realities. That power of hers is a little complicated to explain but check out the House of M storyline where she gave everyone everything they wanted. Steve Rogers never froze and married Peggy. Peter Parker ended up with Gwen Stacy and things among those lines so if she is to have that power in the MCU she could somehow bring her brother back. This might not be the most plausible option but it’s still one.

Number three: One word… S.H.I.E.L.D. If Nick Fury brought Coulson back to life after being killed by and Asgardian then Pietro shouldn’t be a problem. Bullets or an Asgardian? Bullets are easier to fix in my opinion. And yes, I know that whatever was used on Coulson was destroyed but I’m sure Fury can do something about that. He’s Nick Fury after all!

Number four: Again, just one word. Inhumans. And not the ones from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. no the badass ones from Attilan, the Inhuman city. In the comics Pietro was once saved by Crystal Amaquelin, the Inhuman Princess, who took him back to her home and nursed a really badly injured Pietro back to health. And I know that will most certainly never happen but the Inhumans are more advanced than regular humans so I’m sure they could have a way to make that work… and it will also be a great way to incorporate the Inhumans, and by that I mean the royal family, to the MCU.

tumblr_nntsgwjvGG1sd8reyo1_500Those are the four ways I can think of for Pietro to be brought back to the MCU. The first one seems like the best shot but who knows? Marvel always surprises! But it would be certainly be awesome to see the Inhumans soon and if Pietro does indeed return then we might even see Crystal and Pietro together… and maybe see little Luna Maximoff around.

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