My thoughts on Civil War…

Captain-America-Civil-War-Trailer-2-32-1280x531Hello Everyone!

tumblr_nyczh8GIKN1r3e92ro2_500I know it’s been two months since Captain America: Civil War came out but I wanted to talk about it spoilers included and I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone so I decided to wait and also I was super busy during May and June and these first few weeks of July… but all that is now past so let’s talk about Civil War!

giphy-13.gifFirst of all, let us talk about Spiderman. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this character but now all I can say is Thank you, Marvel! For giving us the best Spiderman that has ever been on the big screen! And with this I don’t mean that the previous Spiderman performances were bad, it’s just that this one is more true to the origin and it felt more real. At least it did to me. Now I can’t wait for Spiderman; Homecoming to hit theaters next years! Moving on now, I’ll gush more about Spidey some other time.

Let us talk Civil War now… going into this movie I knew I was going to cry, and I did. The first time was during Peggy’s funeral. I stayed away from spoilers as much as I could so this was a surprise for me. Peggy has been in my top favorite Marvel characters for so long and I hate that now she is gone! It doesn’t help that Agent Carter was cancelled not that long away either… it sucks but what really got me during that scene was Steve. He looked
so sad. Beyond sad. He lost someone he really loved. Someone who knew him before he tumblr_nyd7t7HwsN1trsn9io2_500became Captain America and who believed in him when many didn’t. And it’s no secret that Steve liked her and not only that, he admired her. I believe that losing Peggy made him want to keep Bucky safe more than ever and to help him since he was the last person he had left from that time long ago. I completely understand where he is coming from and having to deal with all that and the accords… I’m surprised he never lost his cool.

Now let’s talk about the accords. After what happened in Lagos the UN (and the government) really wanted to get the Avengers in check and I don’t blame them but by doing that, more people could end up getting hurt. The Avengers go where they need to go to save as many people as they can from great threats, risking their own lives and as Cap said people have agendas. You never know what a government could really be up to and after what happened in The Winter Soldier, I don’t blame him one bit.

Tony on the other hand, feels guilty because he created Ultron which let to what happened in Sokovia and he wants to mend his mistakes… and just like I do with Cap, I understand where he is coming from. And I must say, going into this movie I was a 100% Team Cap. No questions asked! But while watching the movie I was really conflicted. I understood them siberian-bunker-cap-bucky-tony-fightvery well but the point when I was back to being sure who I agreed with was when Steve, Bucky, Tony where in Siberia. After watching the video of Bucky killing his parents, Tony lost it. Obviously. And it felt that all the anger he kept through the years about the situation he let it out on Bucky because now he had someone to blame for what happened. He was thinking with his emotions clouding his judgement while Steve, who lets remember, knew Howard Stark. I dare say they were good friends. Not as Steve and Bucky but they were still friends.

I’m sure Steve was feeling a lot of things when he found out about it but he used his head. He kept being rational. Bucky didn’t know why he was doing the things he was ordered to do. He didn’t even know who he was. He was a victim… and Steve saw that. Not only because they were friends. After that entire confrontation, I realized I found myself agreeing with Steve a little more, simply because he was always rational. Thinking with his head and not his heart.

originalAlso, let me quickly mention this: the airport scene was amazing! From Spidey taking Cap’s shield. To Ant-Man becoming Giant Man. That was incredible. And that little Star Wars reference during the battle. Let’s not forget how Wanda save everyone in Team Cap at least once and how she took down Vision. That was awesome! I can’t wait to see more of her and everyone else! Good thing we have Doctor Strange coming in just a few months. And I don’t know about you guys bit I’m really excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme!

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